Praveen Hospitals – Vijayawada

We will always be happy to work with the team of Praveen Hospitals . And the reason is simple, they know exactly what their website must feature in. Right on day one they were ready with all the required content, images and other assets needed to finish the website design. While it came to giving us the feedback their doctors were brilliant & keen. And consequently we expedited the work.

When we approached Praveen Hospitals for their website design, after looking at our portfolio the manager said ‘project is on’. He quickly gave us all the resources required to come up with their website design. And right from the day one he, along with his team of doctors, stayed in touch with us throughout the project completion.

Praveen Hospitals is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery & custom javascript. We used Jekyll to generate the standard static pages. We are hosting the website on Amazon Cloud with SSL support.

Website Design Highlights

When we requested the doctors about what they liked the most in the design they listed the following

  • Our Specialities – Homepage
  • Hospital Statistics – Homepage
  • Simple About Us Page
  • Fullscreen Gallery Page
Promotional Poster

By the time the website design is completed, we gained some insights into heart diseases. As a project lead I requested the team, “With this knowledge, let us come up with an infographic kind of poster”. Finally, the team came up with a poster that helps patients understand the number of people suffering from heart diseases and its major causes.

Above all, the hospital management is quite impressed with the poster. Consequently the poster was displayed at multiple locations in the hospital. Of course we have added a small section highlighting our website at the bottom of the poster. We are now eagerly waiting to get our first lead from the patients who visit this famous hospital in Vijayawada.

It is definitely a noteworthy experience for the entire team to work with the Doctors of Praveen Hospitals. Most of all, we have added one more reputed client to our design portfolio.