Mentors Academy – IIT Foundation Program

Need for the IIT Foundation Program

In India, millions of students prefer engineering as a career choice compared to other choices such as degree, medicine, law etc. IIT’s, being the technological hubs, continue to attract the attention of students across India.

Every year more than one million aspirants fight for admission to IIT’s. Out of which, less than 10,000 students will secure the admission. The success rate of IIT-JEE is less than 1%, making it one of the toughest exams in the world. Most of the students are starting the IIT-JEE test preparation from the young age to beat all competition.

Academic experts point out that molding the students from the young age is necessary to achieve their academic goals. It means that students are well-prepared and focused on their career goals right from the beginning. But it leaves them with little room to make a choice.

IIT Foundation Program will aid students to understand the basic concepts with more clarity. It encourages students to attempt various competitive examinations from the early age. It gives the confidence and courage to perform under time pressure.

Our Client – Mentors Academy

Mentors Academy offers one of the best IIT Foundation Program for all aspirants right from the class VIII. It employs hybrid model by providing the booklets to practice as well as offering its online platform for test practice.

Mentors Academy has added 100+ schools as their clients in this financial year. 14000+ students have reposed the faith in their IIT Foundation Program.

Orotron is a technology partner for the Mentors Academy. We are very closely working with our client for their online platform technology.

Program Highlights


Experienced content developers design the content of the booklets. Their expert team researches and analyzes the content thoroughly. They do offer 24 x 7 support to the faculty. Be it doubts or course content or new methods to solve the questions.


The online platform consists of hundred of tests. They offer tests to the aspirants on weekly basis. The platform will have school dashboard as well as student dashboard.

School dashboard will aid the management to assess the performance of the students. It also helps them to monitor the progress of the students at macro and micro level.

Student dashboard will help the students to track the progress as well as to understand one’s own strengths and weakness. It guides the students to focus on the areas of improvement based on his performance in the tests.

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Customer Feedback

“Mentors Academy is very closely working with Orotron from the inception of our company. We have had advanced tech support from Orotron. We have called a number of times. They are always polite, work hard and go an extra mile to reach the deadlines. Now they become part of our family”.