Prakasam College Fest – ISKRA

Prakasam Engineering College wanted us to handle the website design for their upcoming National Level Techno-Cultural Fest titled ISKRA. Though it is a single page website, we were given only a day to finish the page design. Given that we were already working on a very tight schedule we know that this is going to be a Herculean task.


ISKRA is organised by Prakasam college every year and more than 5000 students participate in this event. It is a two day event with about 6 events covering technology, creativity, communication, sports & cultural activities. Knowing that this work has potential to reach huge number of audience, we could not move away from the website design of ISKRA. Obviously, we took up the challenge and came up with the design for which the college management is all praises. In fact, when the convener of the event said “I did not expect anything close to this. Good Job” everyone at OROTRON breathed a sigh of relief.

Though we have come up with some good website designs & single page websites earlier, our experience working with engineering college staff on a mission mode is exemplary. Coming to the technicalities of the design, it is a single page design coded primarily using Twitter Bootstrap & jQuery. We also used a tutorial from CoDrops to bring that subtle animation effect to the events block on the page.

Also, as we are cramped for time, we could not come up with a customised registration form and registrations management dashboard for the organisers. Instead we used Google Forms to capture & manage the registrations of the event. We have worked with Google forms for the first time and our experience with it is sublime. We couldn’t imagine finishing the website design of ISKRA on time without Google Forms.