Heart Care Center

Heart Care Center, a reputed heart hospital in Vijayawada provides premier cardiology surgery & treatment to people from across the country. Given the reputation of Heart Care Center, we fought hard to bag the website design of this hospital. Once we got a positive nod, the design and development team of Orotron kicked in and gave their best shot. We completed the website design in a week’s time and eventually the client is happy.  The hospital management rewarded us with a website design referral of another hospital.

Heart Care Center hospital is equipped with 130 beds and has screened about 3 lakh patients till date. With a 100% success rate in over 4000 Angioplasties and 99.7% success rate in over 3000 CT surgeries, this hospital is one of the top heart hospitals in Vijayawada. Heart Care Center is headed by Dr.Pallem Peddeswara Rao, one of the senior most Cardiologists in the country.

About Website Design

Heart Care Center is a static website built on top of Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Javascript & CSS. Once the home page is finalized, we used Jekyll to generate the other pages. We also heard great things about Hugo but given our experience with Jekyll is quite a breeze we decided to stick with it for now.

Also, going forward, for all our customers we are providing SSL backed hosting on AWS cloud. We belled the cat with Heart Care Center