Aravani Art Projects

Aravani Art Projects

About the Client

Aravani Art Projects is one of its kind associations that focus on the overall well being and development of the transgender community. As the name indicates, the association is associated with an art project, but the way it works is really out of the ordinary. Aravani works with the transgenders, who are interested in the art and want to show off their creativity.

The transgender community is neglected by many people and many societies for obvious reasons. These people never get the facilities and lifestyle like normal people. In fact, they struggle to get and protect their human rights. One of the main issues with transgender community is they never get the respect they deserve. The majority of people ignores them and don’t get engaged with them.

Mission of Aravani Art Projects

The association does not work to add them to the mainstream of the society. But, it focuses on connecting the transgender with the people of the mainstream. The primary aim of the association is to create a space for this community. The primary objective of Aravani Art Projects is to involve the community in a creative and exciting way to bring change in the viewpoint and attitude of the society for the transgender.

AIM of Aravani Art Projects

There are many areas and cities of India for renovation. Many boring and dirty public places can look attractive and look-looking with some artwork. More than 100 number of artists working with us to transform the public places with their art work. Aravani team already executed projects in cities Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai and Colombo as well.

Transgender volunteers work with this main team of the group to carry out the project. The team of transgender volunteers and artists go to several public spaces to give a makeover to them while raising the voice for the welfare of the transgender community.

About the technology platform by Orotron

At Orotron, we feel proud to work with such a great community working for a noble cause. To spread their message and connect a lot of people in their mission and project, the association was in need of a technology platform. We have developed a custom platform for the association to solve all their purposes. As we are a specialist in our domain, we know how to design and develop a top-notch technology platform.

We have designed a platform with modern technologies. It has all the features they have asked for. It was a nice experience working with Aravani Art Projects and team. We really like the way they work for the transgender community. We would love to work for them whenever we will get a chance.